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How to evolve your production to Blow Fill Seal technology Webinar recording

In case you missed the webinar on evolving your production processes to Blow Fill Seal technology, here is the recording.

Our speaker from Brevetti Angela, Rajeev Kabbur demonstrated some of the typical considerations for facilities that already produce a legacy product in glass ampoules or vials. Rajeev showed the production aspect considerations and the site alterations that are needed.

We also covered some of the commercial aspects of scaling your legacy production to Blow fill seal technology. Transitioning from legacy to BFS has never been this easy. The productivity benefits and the cost per unit have never been so drastically different.

We demonstrated why Blow-Fill-Seal is a better, more economical primary packaging process and primary packaging container.

In case you didn’t know,

Blow Fill Seal technology provides the following advantages:

  • Reduced inventory of primary packaging material
  • 4 fold cost reduction of packaging Reduced cost of storage and transportation of finished goods
  • Reduced loss due to breakage
  • Silicon free
  • PFS that have imperceptible break loose force during administration
  • Eco friendlier primary container
  • Eco friendlier PFS
  • Much better SAL

Blow Fill Seal as a methodology and technology is widely known for providing a leaner production protocol. It eliminates the need for storing empty containers, decontaminating and lyophilizing the container before having it filled with the final product than having it go through the capping protocol. The only material you’ll have to store is the mould polymer granules that are fed into machine.

If you are currently running or planning a new facility for producing and packaging parenteral products using nested PFS or glass vials, or you have a new or existing product that you want to launch or scale quickly, without big financial implications, watch this webinar recording or get in touch with us for a further conversation.

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