Accurate labelers for pharmaceutical products

The CTE350 is a fully automatic tamper-evident labeler that can process up to 350 cartons a minute and accurately prints onto small cartons. The machine’s compact size of just over 1m in length enables easy integration into existing packaging lines.

With a GMP design, the CTE350 separates cartons and transports them past two stepper motor-driven stations. Labels are applied with a roller for neat and even attachment.

Newman’s automatic tamper-evident labelers allow customers to meet international pharmaceutical packaging regulations such as The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) 2011 / 62 / EU, which will come into force by February 2019. The firm’s machines help meet this new directive with the inclusion of tamper-evident features and unique carton identifiers.

Newman’s label application machines are flexible, reliable, and safe, and can swap between different types of labels without changing parts. The company also offers self-adhesive, tamper-evident, anti-counterfeiting, and hologram labels that can be adapted to a wide range of carton sizes.

Specifically designed for healthcare applications, the CTE350 and CTE450 have a stainless-steel / good manufacturing practice (GMP) construction and are available with a full validation documentation package.

In addition, Newman is able to integrate different print and inspection systems to meet a customer’s specifications.

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