Presenting Bonfig RLD Series

Presenting the RLD and KBA series of leak inspection and packaging integrity solutions for metal cans, aerosols, and food & beverage containers.

Learn about this series of packaging inspection solutions for most container types, including metal cans, using only certified and proven non-invasive, non-destructive test methods such as Closed Container Integrity Testing (CCIT).

Container Closure Integrity Testing is a non-destructive measurement technology based on Vacuum Decay Method performed while the package itself is held within a hermetically sealed test chamber. Vacuum Decay test measures the loss of vacuum inside the testing chamber as a result of headspace gas leakage from the package. The monitoring of the vacuum level allows to identify micro leaks and rejecting the faulty container.

Have questions regarding your container inspection? Contact us today and one of our package inspection experts will help determine the right solution for you.

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