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The RLD 220 Leak Tester is a 100% In-line Machine for Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive Integrity Inspection at high production speed for empty containers (such as Pails, Composite Cans, 3 Pieces Cans, 2 Pieces Cans, Metal Canning; Plastic Bottle; General Container).

This machine has the following highlights:

  • Zero alteration of container features
  • High machine adaptability & stability
  • Easy management
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low & Ease of maintenance: free access to all moving parts
  • Industry 4.0 Environment compliant

The technical features of this equipment are:

  • Container Application: Pails, Composite Cans, 3 Pieces Cans, 2 Pieces Cans, Metal Canning; Plastic Bottle, General Container
  • Container Dimensions: From Ø52x 34 mm (h) to Ø158 x 300 mm (h)
  • Speed: Up to 800 CPM
  • Technology: CCIT
  • Inspection Features: Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive CCIT based on Vacuum or Pressure Decay Method
  • Inspection Capabilities: Micro leaks detection

Container Closure Integrity Testing is a non-destructive measurement technology based on the Vacuum Decay Method or Pressure Decay Method (in case of a container with a small neck) performed while the package itself is held within a hermetically sealed test chamber.

Vacuum Decay test measures the loss of vacuum inside the testing chamber as a result of headspace gas leakage from the package.

Pressure Decay measurement system comprises applying a pressure differential into an airtight testing group enclosing the container. The test objective is to detect container leakages by measuring the reached pressure level as well as the pressure change over test time.

The monitoring of the vacuum or pressure level allows us to identify micro leaks and rejecting the faulty container.

The leak testing machine measurement system is designed to identify the presence of leaks on containers due to: (micro) holes, inappropriate sealing, and cracks.

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