Versa Fill by Cozzoli

The Versa-Fil employs either a selector star or optional timing screw to evenly space containers into an infeed starwheel. They are transferred onto a rotating plate and centered directly under the filling nozzles. Containers are then filled and transferred by a discharge starwheel back onto the automatic conveyor.

High-precision positive displacement pumps feed product into the filling slots of the metering plate and through the nozzles into a container as it passes under the filling slot.

• Pump and machine drives are electronically phase loop synchronized to insure filling accuracies to +/- .5% with most products.

• Fill quantities are rapidly adjusted by varying the speed of the product supply pumps in relation to the machine speed.

• Optional lift platforms provide a bottom-up fill to eliminate air entrapment and minimize product disturbance


The product is pumped from positive displacement pumps into slots of the stationary metering plate. The lower disc and nozzles rotate as an assembly under the non-rotating upper disc and metering plate. Holes in the lower disc pass under the slots in the metering plate and transfer product to the filling nozzles. Quantity of the product depends on the pump speed in relation to the machine speed which determines the time that the nozzles are under the slot.


• Time/pressure fill principle utilizing sanitary positive displacement pumps

• Pump and machine drive electronically phase loop synchronized

• Accuracies of +/- .5% attainable on most applications

• Wetted contact parts of type 316 stainless steel and FDA approved virgin Teflon

• Suitable for high temperature filling

• Type 316 stainless steel straight down nozzles

• Built-in safety devices to shut off machine in the event of a jam

• Fills both rigid and flexible containers

• Selector infeed mechanism to space containers into infeed stars

• Rapid container changeover

• Nozzles, upper head, and pumps quickly disassembled for ease of cleaning and sterilization.

• All drives enclosed; no exposed belts or pulleys

• Centralized lubrication

• Left to right operation

• Stainless steel conveyor frame synchronized with machine driven 4.5” Delrin chain

• Stainless steel cabinet guarding

• Stainless steel lower rotating plate complete with flowthrough holes for top filling and ease of cleanup

• LED readout in containers per minute

• Electronic programmable logic controller

• Container jam protection with clutch on spiral

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Leaders in the Headspace Gas Analysis testing technologies

HEADSPACE GAS ANALYSIS is a laser-based, non-destructive and fully automatic inspection method for sealed packages. It allows for measuring oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide, residual moisture content and absolute pressure value. Its purpose is to verify the headspace conditions and their maintenance to confirm stability and sterility in filled and finished parenteral packages.

Monitoring the maintenance of container headspace conditions is needed for sterile drugs such as oxygen sensitive liquid products and lyophilized or powdered products; any modification in the headspace pressure, moisture or oxygen level may result in the degradation of the active drug, as well as in the reduction of drug potency and product shelf life.

Traditional headspace analysis methods include testing by means of a probe, generally performed on samples at regular intervals during the production cycle: a destructive, time consuming and unrepeatable procedure, which prompts the issue of disposing of destroyed products and leaves with no timely feedback on the filling process.

Each time out of specification conditions are detected on a sample container, the entire batch is to be rejected, making it most difficult to assess if it is random package closure integrity failure or systematic process unwanted deviation. BONFIG, instead, offers a non-destructive, more deterministic and reliable procedure.

Double Path System

For oxygen detection, the laser beam is reflected by a golden mirror towards the receiver allowing a double passage of the headspace target. Double Path system significantly increases the signal strength and makes Etalon Effect negligible by means of a small tilt.

Nitrogen Free

The laser system performance is practically insensitive to environmental factors such as oxygen presence thanks to its electronic design. Therefore, when performing headspace level analysis, there is no need for purging the surroundings of the container under inspection with nitrogen.

No reference during operation

Since height & width of laser absorption signals are measured and compared to preset values (Standard Containers) during each cycle, a reference pack is not required in operation. If the measured parameters are not within acceptable ranges, the equipment automatically signals it.

Quality Assurance

Specific requirements for sterile drugs packaged under full or partial vacuum are covered by EU GMP Annex 1 Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products, section 123: “Containers sealed under vacuum should be tested for maintenance of that vacuum after an appropriate, pre-determined period”. The testing method conforms to provisions expressed in United State Pharmacopeia, USP General Chapter “Package Integrity Evaluation – Sterile Products” (USP 39-NF34): Laser-Based Gas Analysis is listed among the Deterministic Leak Test Technologies. Validations and qualifications are easy to perform by means of advanced protocols and documentation

How it works

A Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) based sensor is the core of the inspection system installed in our unit, a spectroscopic method allowing the detection and quantification of gaseous components concentration.

The principle underlying the TDLAS measurement is based on the Beer-Lambert Law, stating that light transmitted through a given sample at a particular wavelength is a function of the concentration of the substance that is absorbing the incident light. A diode laser beam, at a wavelength optimized for the measurement of a particular gas species, is transmitted through the headspace region of the container and received by a detector after passing through the container itself.

Oxygen level monitoring is obtained with a light source tuning at a wavelength of 760 nm, while carbon dioxide at 2000 nm and wavelength of 1400 nm is employed to obtain measurements of residual moisture level and absolute pressure. The inspection time of BONFIG systems is shorter compared to the ones currently available on the market: this results in a better test performance either more accurate or faster.

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5 facts about Vacuum Decay Leak Detection

Do you know these 5 facts about Vacuum Decay Leak Detection for filled containers?

1. It is a non-invasive and non-destructive practice based on the ASTM F2338.
2. It is adequately sensitive to detect very small leaks and pinholes.
3. It is applicable to most pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, metal cans, aerosols, chemicals, and cosmetic containers.
4. It can examine in pressure or vacuum environments.
5. It can calibrate to volumetric flow.

Share this with your colleagues and see how many facts they know!

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Bonfiglioli Engineering with a new Website


Check out the newoptimized and client-friendly website from Bonfiglioli Engineering:

The newly refreshed website is yet another representation of reinforcing the vision of the business unit & building an authentic brand that is customer-centricfuturistic and adds value and meaning to the everyday lives of all our stakeholders.

Our focus has been dedicated to giving the Bonfiglioli website a new and professional appeal, making contact modulesservices and assistance instantly accessible. Each section of the website has been studied in detail to make it less demanding, with eye-catching texts and images for faster navigation. The product section, in which is included machine information for our clients, has been redesigned to create a uniform structure for all the machines, where the customers have a birds-eye-view of all important highlights while reviewing details in a schematic manner through a tabular format with a gallery dedicated to each machine for product images and videos.

Special care has been taken to offer important, interesting and only relevant information so that our audience does not waste time and can get more out of less while browsing our website.

The new Bonfiglioli Engineering website is truly worth your time. Take a few moments to browse through and contact us for any requirements. 


Vetromeccanica is well known and widely respected for their Table Top conveyance systems. Their TableTop conveyor system offers a versatile design, which makes it a popular conveyor system suited for a wide range of high-speed production environments. Their TableTop conveyor systems are built to work almost anywhere in your production line.

Known for their quick deliver time, fast and easy install and cheap operational fees, Vetro’s Table top systems provide the biggest bang for the buck.

The flat top plates are stronger than modular belting and transport items through production more efficiently and safely.

TableTop conveyors have excellent flexibility for production line layouts, being suitable for curves or changes in elevation, thus streamlining factory operations.

The flexibility often stands out when a production line needs a versatile solution that can serve your transporting, merging, diverting or accumulation problems.

Key Features of the standard Bench Top / Table Top conveyance models:

  • Low friction values
  • High resistance to wear
  • Low noise level
  • Wide chain applications
  • Stronger chain configurations
  • Easily integrate with existing systems
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Clean
  • Small Foot Print

Get in touch with our office now and schedule a call or a meeting help us better understand your conveyance needs, so we can estimate your project challenges up to the tiniest detail.

Contract Packaging & Filling Made Easy

Contract Filling Service

LF of America contract filling service is performed onsite at their state of the art facility in Boca Raton FL. This service is performed using advanced contract filling machines for single dose plastic containers using injection molding technology.

This maximizes both production efficiency and product safety.

By using injection molding technology, we are able to fill packages on both small and large-size production scales without the added risk of overheating liquid products.

This is a significant advantage in comparison to traditional BFS machines, which use the unnecessarily risky, outdated Blow/ Fill/ Seal process.


Contract Packaging Services

LF offers contract packaging services that allow companies with liquid pharmaceuticals, OTC medications, health and beauty products, cosmetics, or other liquid products, the perfect container for full retail distribution. We specialize in a variety of different packages, vials, and containers, including unit-dose packaging systems, and even provide custom packaging manufacturing.

Product containers and vials should complement the products that they hold. This packaging, along with the label, is a form of marketing and will be the primary way consumers choose to purchase the item. Our contract packaging experts can help find the perfect container to reflect the image you wish to portray, including custom labeling, branding, embossing, and more.


Turnkey Solutions

LF of America provides our clients the option to discover the benefits of turnkey solutions. Rather than hiring separate contract fillers and packagers, turnkey solutions provide companies an affordable and efficient, all-in-one contract filling and packaging service.

Turnkey solutions are the best choice for companies looking to get the most out of their contract filling and packaging companies. Eco-friendly, scalable, and standard regulation compliant, the benefits of having a turnkey partner will save you money while giving you more time to focus on business operations.

Since turnkey solutions are quickly becoming the preferred choice for pharmaceutical companies and OTC packaging, it’s recommended to find a partner with experience and proven success. This is why we are proud to be the US-based contract filling and packaging company within the reputable Lameplast Group.

Contact us to learn about our contract filling and packaging services. For more information about sending in a small amount of your product to receive a free product sample, call 800-829-5741


OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule- Mesa Labs

The new OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule was published in March of 2016. All industries have responded which raised various questions regarding the new rule. Industry leaders want to know how they will be affected and why the new rule was written.


Mesa Labs wants to simplify the compliance process for its customers and thus has defined main points of the rule in an easy-to-follow manner.

  • Respirable Crystalline Silica is one of the most abundant materials in the Earth’s crust. It exists in three distinct forms: quartz, cristobalite, and tridymite. It occurs in the workplace when workers cut, grind, drill, saw, crush or process materials such as rock, sand, glass, stone, or brick. It can also be a byproduct of sandblasting, and hydraulic fracturing.
  • This rule is necessary because robust evidence indicates that current exposure limits do not protect workers’ health. Also, OSHA believes the new standards will prevent 642 deaths per year, which is projected to save employers $7.6 billion per year, based on the reduced mortality rates.
  • The new rule differs in three primary ways:
    • The new Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) is 50µg/m3 per eight-hour Time Weighted Average (TWA) and employers must measure worker exposure if levels reach or exceed 25 µg/m3 as an eight-hour TWA.
    • Employers will implement techniques to greatly reduce workers’ exposure, such as wetting down or vacuuming dust to prevent workers from breathing it in.
    • Employers are also required to identify high-exposure areas and limit access to those areas. They are also required to offer respiratory protection plans, and possibly medical exams.

The new rule is set to a timeline, determined by OSHA.

  • June 23, 2017 – the construction industry must comply
  • June 23, 2018 – general and maritime industries must comply
  • June 23, 2018 – the hydraulic fracturing industry must comply



Happy Independence Day !!!

              The Life Scientific Inc  ( LSI ) team would like to wish our valued customers a happy 4th of July.


Mesa Labs Compliance and Validation Services Now Offered Through Life Scientific, Inc.

For Immediate Release


Mesa Labs Compliance and Validation Services Now Offered Through Life Scientific, Inc.

St. Louis, MO January 3, 2016- Life Scientific, Inc. will now represent Mesa Laboratories’ Validation Services with the new agreement signed by both companies December 2016. The agreement allows Life Scientific, Inc. to represent and help grow Mesa’s Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) protocols and services.

Mesa’s Validation Team has 14 years of experience providing IQ, OQ, PQ Qualifications and Temperature Mapping to Incubators, Freezers, Refrigerators, Autoclaves, Depyrogenation Ovens, and Lyophilizers; Cleanroom Qualifications via in-house Certified Microbiologist (RM/NRCM), including viable and non-viable monitoring for routine monitoring and also to determine the placement of the non-viable particulate measuring equipment to meet ISO, FDA, 503b and EU requirements; and our final report packages are designed to meet your cGMP/GDP/GLP requirements. NIST Traceable calibrations are performed in-house via Mesa’s ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. Mesa also gives Equipment Qualification & Calibration to reactors, mixing vessels, homegenizers, fluid beds, filter dryers, etc. Mesa’s superior knowledge and experience in validation, calibration and compliance make them a trusted source for verifying your equipment is ready to use.

Since 1992, Life Scientific has consulted on more than 5,000 equipment opportunities with industry leading clients in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device and Industrial markets.  Life Scientific has also been representing Mesa’s CAP Testing Torque Division since 2014 and has since then become an expert on Torque equipment assisting several customers with their cap testing needs. Representatives all have engineering, project management, and technical backgrounds to help facilitate your projects from start to finish. Let us help you gain compliance and reduce risk for your operations!

Trusted by the world’s leading brands …



Come See Us at the Pack Expo International and Pharma Expo!

The world’s biggest packaging and processing conference and trade show with over 2,000 exhibitors showcasing their most advanced machinery!

Follow here to learn more:

Come see Life Scientific Inc. staff and the manufacturers they represent November 6th-9th. To set up a meeting, call one of your representatives:

  • Mike Bellm (314)941-9000
  • MaryBeth Eyer (217)825-8110
  • Ben Krech (312)545-2164

Bahnson Environmental Specialties (Pharma Expo) West Building Booth W-956
Bahnson Environmental Specialties (BES), an EMCOR Company, is a leading Controlled Environmental Chamber Manufacturer that provides design, installation, service, & validation of standard or custom-built Walk-In Controlled Environmental Chambers for close tolerance temps/RH mainly to the pharmaceutical & research markets.
Bonfiglioli Engineering (Pack Expo) South Hall Booth S-1538
Bonfiglioli Engineering sales staff will be available to answer any question regarding Bonfiglioli Engineering technologies and solutions as non destructive Leak Detection, Visual Inspection and Headspace Gas Analysis for Laboratory and in-line container intergrity testing.
Cozzoli Machine Company (Pack Expo) South Hall S-2142
Cozzoli Machine Company will be exhibiting their latest filling and closing technology. Featured machines includes the FSV50 Mini Monoblock, the FPS2-SS Ampule Filling & Sealing Machine, and the Versa Fil Time Pressure Filler. They will also show some tabletop equipment including our F400X Single Piston Liquid filler and the PF2IS powder filler, confirgured for use in an isolator.
Mesa Laboratories (Pack Expo) East Hall Booth E-10632
Mesa Labs is the world’s leading cap torque testers for every type of bottle. Please stop by their booth If you are interested in a live demo of the latest in cap torque technology, or a free consultation!
Newman Labeling Systems (Pack Expo) South Hall Booth S-4382
Newman Labelling Systems, a leading supplier of specialist pharmaceutical labelling systems, will be demonstrating its CTE350 automatic labeller and will preview a new Print & Apply labeller.


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