Expert Environmental Solutions by Bahnson

Bahnson Environmental Specialties designs and fabricates a diverse product line of controlled environment chambers that create a precise environment for clients’ research, development and manufacturing processes. 

Various standard and custom sizes serve as Walk-In Cold Rooms and Walk-In Freezers including Walk-In Ultra Low Freezers and Vaccine Storage Chambers.

Walk-In Environmental Rooms include Walk-In Temperature and Humidity Chambers, Walk-In Warm Rooms, Walk-In Incubators, ICH Stability Rooms and Shelf Life Study Chambers.

HEPA Filtered Clean Cold Rooms, HEPA Filtered Clean Warm Rooms, Growth Chambers, Shelf Lighted Rooms, Dry Rooms and Low Humidity Dry Rooms are included in our Walk-In Environmental Chamber Series. Custom Walk-In Environmental Room applications include Test chambers, Cascade Low Temperature Freezers for critical long term storage and archival storage rooms and vaults.

Next, Bahnson provides full mechanical services, including hygienic piping, process piping, HVAC and plumbing for Life Sciences operations throughout the United States. In the mid 1990s Bahnson developed and implemented its quality assurance program to support the company’s fabrication and field construction activities for the installation of piping systems within the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) evolving from this effort have enabled Bahnson to execute projects effectively and consistently producing high quality levels in a wide range of installations over the past several years.

Today, Bahnson continues to pursue contracts with complex mechanical systems including sophisticated process and high purity piping systems requiring the highest levels of quality assurance, project management, safety awareness, and financial capability.

BES offers a complete package of services for our chambers as well as other chamber manufacturers and laboratory equipment.

Located throughout the country, our service technicians have the training and expertise required to ensure that your equipment is always performing at its best.

We understand the criticality of your equipment and have a 24 hour Emergency Service Hotline.

Bahnson Environmental Services include:

  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Architectural Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical/Controls Design
  • Project Management
  • Field Installation
  • Validation & Qualification
  • Preventive Maintenance & Calibration
  • Emergency Service & Repair
  • Technical Support
  • Parts Distribution

To learn more about or service capabilities, please contact us at  800-829-5741

Fedegari Eco Steam Washers

FSW Eco-Steam Washer is the latest industrial innovation of Fedegari Group addressing pharma, food and cosmetic industries. FSW Eco-Steam Washer innovates the concept of GMP washing thanks to the use of steam in the washing cycle. Fedegari has decades of experience in steam technology. Due to this fact, FSW Eco-Steam Washer has been designed in an original way, if compared to traditional industrial washing machines.

Steam works as cleaning agent and water heating. The direct injection of steam into the washer chamber avoids the need for additional heating elements and results in a cleaner in-chamber environment. In case of need, FSW Eco-Steam Washer can be equipped with a steam generator.

Due to its emollient effect on greasy and sticky dirt, the steam reduces the use of detergents and improves chamber and load sanification. During the washing cycle, the injection of clean compressed air filtered by the Pall vent filter (0.22 µm) increases the mechanical action of washing/rinsing through the chamber.

Final drying is performed with hot air filtered by Hepa filter H14 injected in chamber, in order to assure the total drying of the machine and of the load.


  • Chamber and hydraulic components made of AISI 316L stainless steel with sanitary finishing
  • The door (hinged or sliding) is made of glass with the perimeter reinforcement made of AISI316L stainless steel
  • Fully modular and customizable internal trolley: it can be designed according to the customer’s load
  • Internal trolleys are designed to avoid any water stagnation thanks to dedicated draining points
  • Thema4 process controller ensures a total control on washing performance, therefore a robust reliability during inspection and validation activities
  • In case of emergency, alarms are audible and visible: an internal LED lamp is operative during the whole cycle and its alarms operates through LED color change.


  • The power of steam: emollient effect and sanification agent
  • Eco-solution: less detergents, less energy and water consumption
  • High customization of washing process
  • Custom-made internal trolleys
  • Process monitoring system

To learn more about the Fedegari FSW Steam Washer and its capabilities get in touch with our head office and speak with our project engineers 800-829-5741.

Save On Cozzoli Parts This Summer

It’s that time of year again! To celebrate we are offering a Summer Parts Special to get your Cozzoli and MRM/Elgin machines running in peak condition!

  • 10% discount on parts for your summer shutdown
  • Discounts on preventive maintenance
  • Consultation service call comped when recommended action taken*

Our Customer Service Department can schedule performance evaluations and get you the best deal on commonly used machine parts.

  • Preventative maintenance with one time evaluation or regular scheduled inspections
  • Restorative maintenance including improvements, upgrades, wear part replacement, and parts repair or re-conditioning
  • Operational & maintenance training for new employees and refresher courses for experienced technicians

*Some restrictions may apply


Give us a call at 800-829-5741

BONFIGLIOLI ENGINEERING moved at its new headquarters

From 11th February 2019, Bonfiglioli Engineering is fully operative from its new headquarters at Via Vespucci 20, Ferrara, Italy.

We are all set to enlarge our premises, moving to a newer and bigger location with a total area of 11.000 square meters, hosting a staff of over 90 employees.

The production area which has been designed in collaboration with Specialized Consultants, is based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing, to greatly improve production efficiencies, eliminate wastes and reduce costs.

A value stream mapping has been done for the production area that has a sizable capacity (4.000 square meters, capable of assembling 20 rotative machines simultaneously), to create flow & structure that will even help to reduce time to market.

The most advanced of approaches has been used to modernize & restructure the building in terms eco-sustainability, heating systems with zero methane consumption and use of solar panels.

Special focus has been laid on wellness, health and safety of all employees with an office area (2.000 square meters).

The new site also boasts of a large warehouse and an exclusive showroom, displaying machinery and containers, dedicated to clients.

This move comes with the objective of upgrading size and optimizing production to meet the ever-growing demands of client partners.

2019 will certainly be a year to remember for Bonfiglioli Engineering!

Why to Invest in a Liquid Filling Machine

Many times companies depend on contract filling services to fulfill their packaging needs. Contract packaging and filling companies like ourselves give clients the opportunity to have all of their requirements completed under one roof. However, over time, production needs can change, motivating businesses to look at investing in their own filling equipment.  Owning an in-house liquid filling machine comes with various advantages, making it a prudent financial investment.

For this reason, LF of America offers companies the option to invest in their very own automatic liquid filling machine for plastic containers. Learn more about our line of filling machinery below or contact us to receive further details. If you’re still not prepared to invest in your own in-house filling machine, consider LF of America your perfect turnkey partner for all packaging and filling needs.

How Our Liquid Filling Machine Works

Safe packaging is a necessity for all companies within the pharmaceutical, health and beauty cosmetics, veterinary medicine, and diagnostic industries. Product safety is of paramount importance and requires logistical planning throughout every phase of the production process, including filling and sealing.

Our available contract filling equipment for sale exceeds all the safety standards while delivering truly reliable results. The Pentafill Machines utilize blow, fill, and seal technology in combination with injection molding. The advantages of using blow, fill, and seal with injection molding are increasing safety throughout the process.

Rather than risk contact between product and heat by combining the blow and fill process, a potential danger which could damage the product, our liquid filling machine fills the containers first. Next, the containers are moved along for a separate heat blow process, ensuring no contact to the product. Then, the heat seal #1 and #2 take place. Finally, cold crimping completes the filling before unloading the containers to pick up.

To learn more about our liquid filling machinery, contact our corporate HQ via 800-829-5741

Torque Testers in the Chemical Industry

Many chemical products are sold in spray bottles which must withstand corrosive chemicals. These bottles often use a trigger handle for dispersion, which can produce interesting torque challenges. The unique combinations of bottle and cap in the chemical industry may consist of push and turn, dispensing, snap top, child resistant, or squeeze and turn closures.

Mesa’s universal tooling approach offers solutions for all of these combinations. Our torque testers are also built to withstand corrosive chemicals that may come in contact with the tester, and are capable and built to handle oversized, uniquely shaped bottles.

To learn more about which Mesa Torque Tester is right for your chemical products, contact our office and request to speak with some of our torque product specialists.


Spray bottle and other unique bottle/cap combinations can make torque verification and analysis a challenging proposition for this industry, but Mesa’s universal tooling approach offers solutions for these unique situations. Our Torque testers built to withstand corrosive chemicals which may come in contact with the tester. Mesa’s testers are also capable and built to handle oversized, and uniquely shaped bottles, which are prevalent in the chemical industry.

With a highly sensitive strain gage-based torque transducer, a 2000 CPR rotary encoder and proprietary pressure controlled cap and bottle gripper designs, our servo-driven automated torque tester can accurately detect both small and large changes in the torque and angle during the removal of a closure.

When tamper evident caps are used just knowing the release torque is not always enough, often knowing the torque required to break the bands is desired. Using a rotation driven release both the thread break and the band break can be measured. (See pg. 45 of ST-120S operator manual for info on how to set this up).

With the ability to deliver and measure up to 88 (10 Nm) of torque, we can find and report the torque it takes to strip out the threads when tightening your containers closure.

Used to tighten a cap to a precise torque. Not often used by itself, aside from an evaluation or validation of a capping process, it can also be combined with the release testing for nondestructive testing as well as fatigue and accelerated aging testing.


Fedegari Group demonstrated a working, prototypical pharma sterilization production line at Interphex, Booth 3461 at the Javits Center in New York, USA.

Jeffrey Siterlet, Managing Director of Fedegari Technologies announced that the company will exhibit its state-of-the-art sterilization, washing and decontamination technology at the upcoming Interphex show, booth 3461.  The highlight of the display will be Fedegari’s innovative multi-process system, simulating an operational pharma production process.  It will demonstrate the integration of a number of processes, including sterilization, washing, chemical bio-decontamination, robotic handling and others, in order to speed production, reduce footprint while eliminating contamination risk.

Operation of the system is coordinated utilizing the one of the fastest and most flexible process controllers in the industry, the Thema4, also designed and produced by Fedegari Group, a global leader and pioneer in sterilization, washing, and bio-decontamination technology for over 65 years. Because Fedegari’s controller technology is proprietary and is based in VxWorks, it is also 100% immune to hacking and tampering.

Said Siterlet, “The more manual steps that are in the pharma manufacturing line, the greater the risk of contamination.  The Fedegari system reflects a visionary approach to streamlining new technologies, like robotics and IoT, into the process. Our system eliminates all disconnection by completely enclosing the process and centralizing the control to provide efficiency, safety and compliance without equal.”

To enable bio/pharma customers and prospects to more easily visualize their individual processes, issues and needs, Fedegari Group recently opened its Tech Center in suburban Philadelphia. The Tech Center is designed to be an industry resource, equipped with various process components and simulators for hands-on testing and training, replicating the same activities pharma industries utilize at their own bio/pharma manufacturing plants.

Interested in getting more information about Fedegari products? Get in touch with our pharma tech project specialists at 800-829-5741.

Register for the upcoming Bonfiglioli Engineering Webinar of April 29th

Young business people forming service word over white

Register for the upcoming Bonfiglioli Engineering Webinar of April 29th

“Aftermarket Department: Making Customer Service a High Priority”.

This webinar is your guide to understand how we can assist you, what’s new in our services, where you can find us and how we can be by your side, whenever needed!

We will talk about this & much more: 





The Webinar is pre-recorded, and it will take just 12 minutes of your time, with a Q&A session right after the recording, which will be managed directly by the Customer care team.

The webinar “Aftermarket Department: Making Customer Service a High Priority” will be repeated 3 times on the 29th April (Monday).

Please feel free to select the slot most convenient to you, according to your time zone:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Vetromeccanica – Solution for all Conveyance needs

VETROMECCANICA , founded in 1992, has its Headquarters in Provazzano (Parma) the core of the Italian Packaging Industry. 

From the very beginning, it has been our passion, for delivering customized solutions tailored on the real needs of all our clients, that leaded us. 

Nowadays, this passion guides our R&D department in designing and blueprinting our system solutions and in looking for the best components and raw materials available on the World market.  

Our very specific Know-how united with our focus on our clients needs made us the professionals in delivering customized automatic conveying solutions. 

Our plants for beverage & food, chemicals, personal and health care, cosmetics sectors are specifically designed to optimize the production process and, meanwhile, reduce at the lowest possible level the energy consumption. 

Our conveying systems differs from others because they increase the real plant efficiency. 
We are a major player in more than 70 Countries thanks to our care for details, our capability to offer a 360° service, our skilled customer-care department.

Contact our office for more information and project assessments of your conveyance needs.

Last chance to network with our manufacturers at the Interphex

Bahnson Environmental Specialties are at Interphex at the Javits Center, New York. Stop by Booth 1945 today, to discuss their complete line of Walk-in and Reach-in controlled environmental chambers designed for diverse pharmaceutical applications including: high volume, ultra-low temperature freezers; clean-cold rooms; ICH stability and photo-stability chambers; CO2 chambers; and freeze-thaw/ramping chambers. Also ask about our custom design capabilities to meet your most demanding and critical applications.

Fedegari Group’s team of experts is getting ready for the final day of the Interphex NY. Visit their Booth #3461 to see their innovative prototypes and explore our solutions for cost-effective pharma manufacturing sterilization!

Make sure to stop by and visit Cozzoli in booth 2508. You’ll have the chance to see the newest filling machine, the F400X is a single piston filler designed for smaller scale operations that require a high level of accuracy. With fill volumes up to 60ml and a fill accuracy of +/- .5% it is ideal for alcohol, light oils and other low viscosity applications.

LF of America is ready to show the new A15 filling machine designed to be closer to the needs of the sterile filling environment. Additionally you can get free samples of their most popular and innovative packaging molds as well as witness how that packaging is filled by the versatile A15 filling machine. Come see us at booth # 1235!

If you would like to schedule a meeting with our project engineer attending, call MaryBeth 217-825-8110

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