West Pack 2018- Cozzoli

This year’s WestPack at Anaheim is more than exciting for all of us. Discover, see, touch, and test the latest innovations in bags, labels, paperboard, design solutions, and more from the world’s leading suppliers.


We are proud to announce that our manufacturer Cozzoli will be exhibiting their comprehensive range of handling, closing, and inspection solutions. Cozzoli’s technical expertise is evident throughout our diverse line of stoppering, plugging, capping and sealing equipment. Outstanding design advances like their inclined rotary stoppering head and high-speed crimp sealing machine continue to improve production rates wherever they are installed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see their machinery that provides reliable day-to-day operation designed to save time and aid in increasing plant utilization and efficiency. Stop by Booth number 5515 and discover why Cozzoli Machine Company can be the best solution for your facility.


This expo marks a big milestone for LF of America too. It will be their first trip to the west coast. They’ll be exhibiting on Booth number 5274, showcasing their Pentafill Automated A25 Fill and Seal machine. LF of America is the exclusive distributor of Lameplast cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging in the US, Canada and Latin America. With LF of America’s location and comprehensive warehouse facilities, LF of America receives and fulfills every unit dose and single dose packaging order with zero lead time.

If your packaging is already developed, LF of America works with you on various personalization options including pad-printing, labeling, hot-stamping, and silk-screening.


Medlab is a fast growing exhibition for laboratory equipment that will take place at Dubai International Convention Center from 5th to 8th February.

More than 600 exhibitors from 40 different countries are ready to exhibit their latest solutions. Fedegari will be an exhibitor of this event for the first time. Visitors will have the opportunity to see our FVA vertical steam sterilizer and our flexible and eco-friendly FGW glassware washer.

These two machines are only an example of a wide range of products that Fedegari can offer you. We have solutions with different chamber volumes, from 35 to more than 700 liters.




Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us in Hall Z2 Booth H18. Discover how we can help you to achieve the best performances on your lab treatments!

If you would like to schedule a meeting, please click here.

See you in Dubai!


Fedegari @ Medlab Dubai

Feb. 05-08, 2018

Hall Z2 Booth H18

Learn more about the event: https://www.medlabme.com/en/home.html

Non-Destructive Integrity Testing of Containers from Bonfiglioli

The LF-S11 Machine by Bonfiglioli Engineering is designed for Non-Destructive Integrity Testing of Containers and it is suitable for laboratory applications, statistical purposes as well as off-line testing.

Measurement System comprises applying a pressure differential into an airtight Testing Group enclosing the Container. The test objective is to detect Container leakages by measuring the reached pressure level as well as the pressure change over test time.

Call for more details 1 414 671 3332

Elevators and Lowerators from Vetromeccanica

Vetromeccanica manufacturers side-grip elevators and platform elevators for packaged goods. All elevators are available in painted steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Each type of conveyor system has a specific range of application. Platform elevators for example are more suitable for stable and heavy packs while side grip elevators  small and lightweight packs. We also provide spiral conveyors which are an optimum solution in case of high speed production lines.


Call for details +39 0521 343011


Trade in Your Discontinued Torque Tester

Mesa offers upgrades and trade-in offers for discontinued Torque Testers, such as the Torqo 1590 and 1502.

Design innovation has been considered to improve the mechanics of measuring torque to provide customers with improved ergonomics and repeatability. While Mesa Labs provides best-in-class calibration & evaluation services for all Torqo and SureTorque units, repair services for the old or unsupported models are expensive or not available.

The procedure is easy; simply provide the model number (i.e. 1502-30) as well as the serial number from the backside of the analyzer to a sales representative and a quotation for the Upgrade/Trade-In will be provided. The customer then simply returns the older unit to Mesa’s designated return location and Mesa will ship the new analyzer to the customer’s location.

Mesa will also provide the first annual calibration and NIST traceable certification with every Upgrade/trade in. The Torqo II+ and SureTorque analyzers include a full one-year warranty covering all parts and labor.

Contact us to learn more or request and upgrade.

Introducing Our Newest Dialysate Meter- Mesa Labs



Mesa Labs is pleased to announce the release of the newly re-designed digital dialysate meter for nephrology clinicians and technicians, the pHoenix XL! The new pHoenix XL is a hand-held, syringe-style meter for quick and accurate measurement of conductivity, temperature and pH. Feel confident in your readings with our easy-to-follow calibration guide and one-touch calibration buttons. Save time by gathering a sample directly from a sample port on the dialysis machine.

  • Verification of Conductivity, pH and Temperature in one easy step.
  • Fast and easy push-button calibration.
  • Intuitive, on-screen menus and calibration process.
  • New replacement module eliminates the need to send in the meter for service.
  • Splash-resistant, rugged design protects the meter from falls and spills.

To learn more about the new pHoenix XL and see how you can save time and reduce the cost of ownership at your facility, contact a Mesa representative today!


The LaserCube HGA by Bonfiglioli

The latest non-destructive, non-invasive laser-based inspection technology for measuring the headspace level of gases, The LaserCube HGA by Bonfiglioli is available for demos. The Bonfig Laser Cube is a compact and lightweight system that is easy to use and set up via integrated PC and any wireless touchscreen tablet. Get in touch now and schedule a demo right away.

LASERCUBE provides inspection solution for leak detection and container closure integrity testing (CCIT) by measuring the headspace level of gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as monitoring moisture levels.

HGA is suited for accurate investigation of translucent containers and pharmaceutical finished containers, as well as headspace conditions for products packaged under modified atmosphere and closure integrity, even where headspace is limited. The technology is designed to make Etalon effect negligible. It also removes any need for nitrogen purging during oxygen measuring.



The system features:

  • Low power consumption
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Set-up via integrated PC or any wireless-connected touchscreen tablet or smartphone
  • Fully automated test cycle sequencing with manual loading and unloading of containers
  • Data storage and export (production, raw data, events, alarms)
  • Easy-to-use HMIU integrated functions
  • HMI real time display of statistics and raw data
  • Engineered to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11


The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) 2011/62/EU will come in to force by February 2019. This directive requires two mandatory safety features that will enable medicines to be verified and authenticated along the supply chain:

Tamper evident features on the carton. A unique identifier (2D data matrix code and human readable information) on the carton.

Newman’s range of automatic tamper evident labellers enables our customers to meet these new regulations, whilst also providing high levels of flexibility, quality and reliability. Designed to apply a range of self-adhesive tamper-evident, anti-counterfeit and hologram labels, a single machine can handle a wide range of carton types and sizes without the need for change parts.

The CTE350 is a tamper-evident labeller that operates at speeds of up to 350 cartons per minute and, measuring just over 1m in length, is ideal for integrating in to lines where space is at a premium. The CTE450 operates at speeds of up to 400 cartons per minute and, with track and trace serialization capability, meets the requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive.

Specifically designed for healthcare applications, the CTE350 and CTE450 have a stainless steel/GMP construction and are available with full Validation Documentation Package. In addition, Newman Labeling Systems is able to integrate different print and inspection systems to meet our customers specific requirements.

As a design and manufacturing company, Newman thrives on the challenges that our customers bring to us! If you have a specific labeling requirement then please let us know.



2017 has been a busy year for Newman Labelling, but weâ??re already planning ahead for 2018 and have booked shows in Europe and the USA:


11 to 15 June 2018
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

25 to 27 September 2018
NEC, Birmingham, UK

PACK EXPO International
14 to 17 October 2018
Chicago, Illinois, USA

We hope you can visit our stand and see one of our world beating labelling systems in action.

Defining “Primary” Gas Flow Technology

All gas flow calibrators are not the same. Not only do the products vary, but the technology may as well. A calibrator that uses the International System of Units (SI base units) of time and length to derive gas flow measurements can be considered “primary technology”. Secondary technologies use proxy methods such as differential pressure to assume gas flow.

The seven SI base units are length, time, mass, electric current, thermodynamic temperature, amount of substance, and luminous intensity. Since there is no SI base unit for the direct measurement of gas flow, the base units of time and length are used to calculate flow rates.

Mesa’s DryCal technology uses a glass tube with a precisely known volume and a moving piston that triggers light sensors. Thus, the working principles of DryCal technology use the SI base units of time and length to calculate gas flow, making it one of the only primary technologies on the market.

When considering gas flow calibrators, be sure to look for an instrument that provided accurate, reliable, primary gas flow readings. Consider a name you can trust, such as DryCal from Mesa Labs, with over a quarter century of experience in the flow calibration industry.

Want to learn more about the science behind Mesa’s Primary Gas Flow Calibrators? Watch this video.



DialyGuard Meter Rental Program from Mesalabs


Mesa Labs offers its customers the ability to rent various replacement meters while theirs are being calibrated. Keeping meters calibrated and in compliance is paramount in proving the safety of the procedures being performed.

All of Mesa’s medical products are manufactured and maintained under ISO 13485 certified procedures, allowing customers to be certain that Mesa’s high quality and technical standards are in place. Mesa recommends annual calibration of all DialyGuard meters.

The rental program creates an efficient cycle of convenience by allowing one customer to use the rental meter for a period while their meter is in for calibration, and upon return that same meter can be sent to another customer in need.

The associated monthly fees for renting a meter from Mesa are below:


Meter Model (price/meter*)

pHoenix Neo-Stat+ HYDRA
$75/month $75/month $75/month
90XL Display 90XL Condo/Temp 90XL Press. 90XL pH
$80/month $50/month $50/month $50/month



*US and Canadian Pricing Only                    Minimum 1-month rental required


 Click here to view the 2017 Service Pricing Form.