Interphex 2018


We are proud to announce the presence of our manufacturers to this years Interphex Expo that’s taking place this week at the Javits Center in New York City.

INTERPHEX has proven to be the place to find all of the State-of-the-Art Solutions you need to Cost Effectively Develop and Manufacture Quality Product. INTERPHEX is the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device development and manufacturing event where you can “Experience Science through Commercialization”


If you are planning on attending this tradeshow please take note of our manufacturers Booths and the equipment that they will be exhibiting on the show.


Bahnson Environmental Specialties, LLC. – Raleigh, NC
Presenting their complete line of Walk-In and Reach-In Controlled Environmental Chambers designed for diverse pharmaceutical applications including HEPA Filtered Cold Rooms, modular and traditional Clean Rooms, Stability Chambers exceeding ICH guidelines and high capacity -75°C Cascade low temperature storage chambers. BES will present information on 3  of their unique High Volume Freezer designs for the biorepository storage market that allow reduced dependence on small unitary freezers.

Come see Bahnson at Booth: 1945


LF of America, the US subsidiary of Lameplast group is going to exhibit at INTERPHEX 2018!

Lameplast Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of plastic containers for the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. With more than 35 years of experience and a US branch located in Florida, the companies of Lameplast Group offer true turn-key solutions including the supplying of fully-automated semi-automated filling and sealing machines.

See their machinery and get some packaging samples at their BOOTH: 2364

Cozzoli Machine Company will be exhibiting at INTERPHEX 2018.

As a single source provider for individual components to fully integrated lines, they offer production solutions for every application, from pharmaceutical, cosmetic, e-liquid, health, beauty aids, personal care, food and beverage, chemical, paint and industrial products. Featured machines include the RPF8 Rotary Piston Filler, the FSV50 Mini Monoblock, the GW24 Ampule/Vial Batch Washer, and the PF2-IS powder filler. Cozzoli will also be showing their tabletop F400XSS Liquid Filler.

Stop by to see our latest technology in Booth 2805

To set up a booth meeting, please contact Cozzoli at (732) 564-0400 or We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Claim a free pass for the exhibition HERE!


Fedegari Announces the Next Sterilization and Aseptic Processing Week.


There is no doubt that for achieving the highest performances with our sterilizers you need to fully understand the process also from a scientific standpoint. This is the reason why we have Fedegari teaming up with Jim Agalloco in order to offer you the most effective education.


This year, we are glad to inform you that Jim will hold two different courses in Zurich (Switzerland), covering all the subjects relevant to sterilization and beyond, as following:




Take Either Course or Save on Both



The tentative schedule for the course can be found on this location:


If a Euro trip is out of the picture for your facility, please get in touch with our representatives and we’ll make sure to host several training sessions on US soil.


Don’t miss the opportunity to join us at these classes and book your place by clicking here!

Life Scientific Awarded the 2018 Summit Club Channel Partner Award


We are happy to announce that Life Scientific has been awarded the 2018 Summit Club Channel Partner Award for Mesa’s Torque product line in recognition of our superior sales efforts and contributions!

At the end of each fiscal year in March, Mesa Labs chooses two partners from each product line that epitomize what Mesa looks for in a channel partner. This includes not only high sales but also a knowledge of the product and superior customer technical support.

There are several factors and attainment that Mesa identified as contributors to recognizing Life Scientific, Inc. for our partnership excellence. These factors include knowledge of the Mesa products that our team is offering, overall commitment to the success of these products, website marketing, cooperative spirit and most importantly, the creative approaches to the development of product and brand recognition throughout our territory.

We are pleased to receive the Distributor award acknowledging Life Scientific’s success and we are striving to reach the next highs as a Mesa Labs valued partner.

For more info on the Mesa Torque Product line please refer to our Torque Testing Webinars, part of the Lunch and Learn Webinar series, or contact our regional representative to provide further info on the product or service of your interest.


Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing (US) can be considered the unique CMO that incorporates 100% isolator technology to the filling lines utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. This technology allows to remove the risk of human contamination from the filling and formulation process as highly suggested by FDA, EMEA and other regulatory bodies. Fedegari has proudly collaborated with BSM on engineering a cost-effective and innovative solution that helps pharma industries to advance their product candidate into the pre-clinical or clinical setting.

The result of BSM-Fedegari collaborative innovation is an isolator based filling system that is able to fill the following primary containers: bulk glass vials, pre-sterilized nested vials (glass and plastic) and syringes (glass and plastic), pre-sterilized nested cartridges (glass and plastic), and custom containers (glass and plastic). The system works with both liquid and lyophilized products and the primary containers do not have to be exposed to hydrogen peroxide before entering the isolator.




Air conveyor from Vetromecannica



The ruggedly constructed Eolo air conveyors are built from thick gauge stainless steel in order to stand up under the most demanding industrial conditions. Air conveyor segments are freestanding and load tested for maximum structural stability. Wherever system routing conditions require special mounting, for example, along ceilings, high above walls, etc., the air conveyor segments utilize appropriate structural supports that guarantee sufficient structural integrity of the plant.
The Eolo air conveyors are single chamber plenums of square cross-section, supporting a bottle channel lower face. The plenum cross sectional area is great enough such that air velocity within the chamber is close to zero. Thus, the static air pressure exhibits almost no loss along the air conveyor length. Local air pressure spikes near fan ports are eliminated by the use of short horizontal baffles at the blower mouths. For cleaning purposes the plenum segments feature bolt-on inspection covers every meter ca. The covers are airtight sealed with rubber gaskets.
Empty PET bottles hang from their neck rings on two parallel rails in the omega conveyor section. Air from the plenum is directed onto the bottles’ finish with a forward-facing vector from jet openings placed at regular intervals along the omega’s internal walls. This air jet is sufficient for accelerating all bottle sizes at speeds from 0m/s to 4m/s ca. in level conveyor sections, as well as for pushing bottles up maximum 10° inclines. Air conveyor lengths are divided into independent segments of not more than 10 meters; vertical end plates seal one segment’s air plenum from the abutting segment’s plenum.

Bonfiglioli Engineering – Quality Control Solutions

Next week in Indiana, accompanied by Bonfiglioli Engineering, we’ll proudly exhibit our comprehensive range of solutions in the field of Headspace gas analysis, Visual inspection and Leak detection solutions.

Headspace Gas Analysis is a relatively new technology to the pharmaceutical industry though it has been well proven in the wine making industry for many years to ensure quality. This technology is non-destructive, non-intrusive and does not contact the product. It can be utilized to quantify a sterile containers physical condition by evaluating its gas headspace including partial pressure, Oxygen concentration or moisture concentration. The laser beam is then passed through the headspace of the container and a sensor evaluates if the laser beam was degraded through absorption by the presence of O2 or moisture in the headspace. This information is compared to the original laser beam power and yields comparative results.

Visual inspection is a mandatory practice for injectable manufacturers to guarantee both quality and patient safety. The finished products must be inspected to identify and reject visible foreign matter contaminated parenteral containers and units displaying defects that could potentially affect product quality. There are companies on the market that still rely on manual visual inspection that is prone to mistakes especially with detecting clear and see thru contaminants in the liquids. Even the most comprehensive and well trained personnel is succumb to errors. Unfortunately injectables and other human consumables aren’t areas we’d like to take risks.

Bonfiglioli Engineering provides dedicated solutions in the markets of Food & Beverage, Plastic, Metal Cans & Tubes, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals & Cosmetics, Aerosol and more, effectively meeting all industrial needs with state of the art technology, including non destructive solutions such as Leak Detection, Visual Inspection and Headspace Gas Analysis, apt for laboratories as well as in-line container integrity testing.

Bonfiglioli Engineering is a part of the TASI Group, the World Leader in leak test and inspection.

Get in touch with our product engineers so they can accommodate a meeting and a live demo on the equipment you might want to see in action.


Exclusive Spring Offer from Cozzoli

Cozzoli is extending an exclusive offer to our customers for the month of March. Take advantage of a 15% discount on parts and service and ensure your Cozzoli and MRM/Elgin machines are in peak condition!


Our Project specialists can schedule performance evaluations and help get you the best deal on commonly used machine parts.


Contacts us today to take advantage of this limited time offer! Either call Customer Service at 800-829-5741 or email

Offer Includes

  • 15% discount on parts
  • Discounts on preventative maintenance

CLICK HERE for more information on Cozzoli-MRM/Elgin parts & service


*Some restrictions may apply


Contact Tech Support


Have any other questions about your Cozzoli or MRM/Elgin machines? Get answers from our tech support team!


LF of America Roadshow

We are pleased to announce that our regional representatives accompanied by LF of America’s Business Director are doing a road show exhibiting LF’s comprehensive capabilities throughout the Mid West.

We are demonstrating the most efficient Unit Dose Packaging Machine developed by Pentafill that is capable of filling, sealing, and packing liquids for a variety of different industries. Another aspect of huge interest is LF of America’s Contract Filling, Sealing and Packaging services provided by their Italy based plant as well as their Florida location.

Their products and services are very exciting especially to the OTC, ophthalmic, peristaltic and veterinary drug packaging and delivery as well as cosmetics.

When it comes to LF, we all know that they are a company driven by innovation that provides leading solutions for the ever growing pharmaceutical primary packaging.

Regardless of what your company produces, the ability to deliver it in a functional way that makes the best of your product and easy to use for your customers is the key for your product success and it’s an area that LF products really excels on the market. LF of America carries state of the art technology that allows us to create versatile and unique designs for our clients and their products.

With this info on your hand you might want to reach us as soon as possible and schedule a meeting with us on our very next road trip and see why our current one was booked in such a short time period.

West Pack 2018- Cozzoli

This year’s WestPack at Anaheim is more than exciting for all of us. Discover, see, touch, and test the latest innovations in bags, labels, paperboard, design solutions, and more from the world’s leading suppliers.


We are proud to announce that our manufacturer Cozzoli will be exhibiting their comprehensive range of handling, closing, and inspection solutions. Cozzoli’s technical expertise is evident throughout our diverse line of stoppering, plugging, capping and sealing equipment. Outstanding design advances like their inclined rotary stoppering head and high-speed crimp sealing machine continue to improve production rates wherever they are installed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see their machinery that provides reliable day-to-day operation designed to save time and aid in increasing plant utilization and efficiency. Stop by Booth number 5515 and discover why Cozzoli Machine Company can be the best solution for your facility.


This expo marks a big milestone for LF of America too. It will be their first trip to the west coast. They’ll be exhibiting on Booth number 5274, showcasing their Pentafill Automated A25 Fill and Seal machine. LF of America is the exclusive distributor of Lameplast cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging in the US, Canada and Latin America. With LF of America’s location and comprehensive warehouse facilities, LF of America receives and fulfills every unit dose and single dose packaging order with zero lead time.

If your packaging is already developed, LF of America works with you on various personalization options including pad-printing, labeling, hot-stamping, and silk-screening.


Medlab is a fast growing exhibition for laboratory equipment that will take place at Dubai International Convention Center from 5th to 8th February.

More than 600 exhibitors from 40 different countries are ready to exhibit their latest solutions. Fedegari will be an exhibitor of this event for the first time. Visitors will have the opportunity to see our FVA vertical steam sterilizer and our flexible and eco-friendly FGW glassware washer.

These two machines are only an example of a wide range of products that Fedegari can offer you. We have solutions with different chamber volumes, from 35 to more than 700 liters.




Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us in Hall Z2 Booth H18. Discover how we can help you to achieve the best performances on your lab treatments!

If you would like to schedule a meeting, please click here.

See you in Dubai!


Fedegari @ Medlab Dubai

Feb. 05-08, 2018

Hall Z2 Booth H18

Learn more about the event: