Fedegari can help in these difficult times

Even during these difficult times, and in spite of the many limitations, Fedegari’s intend to support our customers who work hard to produce life-saving drugs is what drives their intents to remain their facilities open.

Fedegari launched a few emergency projects to help their customers to keep the equipment running even without direct physical support worldwide.

In case you need any of Fedegari equipment or products, please contact our head office.


In the grips of the Coronavirus outbreak COVID-19 testing is more important than ever, and many companies such as yours need help keeping up with growing demands. Our semi-automatic filler F400X and capper SC50T (for screw capping/crimping) are IN STOCK for immediate delivery. Also perfect for COVID-19 testing is our fully automatic RFPC, which can fill, plug/stopper and cap (or aluminum crimp seal) on one machine frame. Count on our 100 years’ experience serving customers like you!

Once a vaccine for the Coronavirus is developed it will be imperative to fill these vaccines and get them to market as quickly as possible. We can work with you now to give you a head start! Our F329HE/MVP combo (specifically designed to fill and stopper Hypak syringes) is ideal for injectable vaccines filled at moderate speeds (one tub of syringes can be filled in 35 seconds). Currently, we have the MVP stoppering system (which provides reliable semi-automatic batch insertion of stoppers, plungers or plugs into filled containers) IN STOCK for quick delivery.

Our ampoule filling FPS Series is also ideal for filling vaccines and can fill and seal ampoules at a rate of 15-120 ampoules per minute.

The Cozzoli product line provides a variety of solutions to help you meet the rising demand for COVID-19 testing. Additionally, our machines will let you fill not only future vaccines for COVID-19 but also drugs that will alleviate the many pre-existing conditions and ailments that have arisen and/or worsened due to COVID-19.

We are confident that we will ultimately triumph over this disease together, and we look forward to hearing from you so that together we can begin working on a solution that meets your and your customers’ needs.

Call us today so we can partner with you in solving your and your customers’ challenges.

Vetromeccanica Plant Fully Operational

Dear Customers/Suppliers/Partners, we would like to inform you that Vetromeccanica conveying systems, their corporate offices, and their production unit remains open, despite the COVID – 19 outbreak.

Vetromeccanica has activated all the precautionary measures in order to ensure the safety and safe working space of their Employees, in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 11/03/2020 and the WHO guidelines.

The production and the processing of the new orders proceed without any delay. However, any international requests, requests outside of Italy, may be subject of delay due to additional checks and inspections by the border and customs authorities.
For any further information please contact our commercial department at LSI.


Are you having problems meeting your customers’ demands? 

We can help!!
With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we understand you probably have increased demand for your cleaning supplies. At Cozzoli, we can help you increase your production quickly with new machinery and parts to meet your increased demand.

Among other machines, we currently have our RPF-8 (rotary piston filler) IN STOCK. 
This workhorse is great for filling shampoos, gels and liquid soaps and is presently set to fill bottles within the range of 4.9 oz. to 21.4 oz. If your bottles don’t fall within this range, we can still make change parts for fast delivery.

Since households are stocking up on bottled and packaged food and beverages, our RPF can also accurately fill a variety of these products. 
Additionally, our RPF is an excellent machine for filling a variety of lotions, which will be in greater demand as consumers need to soften their dry and cracked skin resulting from overuse of cleaning solutions and hand-sanitizer. 

Speaking of which, we make explosion-proof machines, useful for hand sanitizer and other high alcohol level products. These machines, however, are not in stock and have a longer manufacturing lead time.
We look forward to hearing from you so together we can begin working together on a solution that meets your and your customers’ needs.

If we can help you with any of your challenges or you have any filling questions, please contact us at 800-829-574.

Coronavirus Affects Our Italy based Manufacturers

Man caught in quarantine zone. Caught by epidemy in quarantine tent. Concept of pandemy

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency and the Italian government provisions to contain the spread of the virus are affecting many business operations.

At Fedegari, to date, we are continuing manufacturing operations, although with some limitations due to the absence of some employees and a slowdown in supplies. The Group’s goal is to minimize the risk of total closure.

For this reason, we have organized our services as follows:

• Our commercial support is active: to reduce physical contacts, we will be organizing video conferences with customers and all involved parties, regardless of location.

• After-sales support is active: we will support customers with physical interventions, where it is still possible and safe to travel, sending staff from those locations that can still operate; we cannot send staff to areas subject to quarantine periods. Our Customer Service support is always available by phone; if necessary, we invite you to open a ticket through our website (https://fedegari.com/post-vendita-ticket/ and we will contact you in the shortest possible time.

• Factory Acceptance Tests are carried out regularly: all scheduled FATs are being overseen by Fedegari staff and properly documented so that the machines can be shipped on schedule. We are preparing a specific procedure to ensure customers that the testing operations of their machines will take place as if they were present.

If any customer deems it necessary to physically participate in the FAT, they will be expected to adhere to our company’s current safety protocols before we can proceed.

Fedegari cannot, however, accept the postponement of any scheduled FATs and the subsequent shipment of any machines due to this current state of emergency. Considering unpredictable circumstances and the possible introduction of more restrictive provisions, please note that the situation may change with short notice.

We will keep you informed of any future developments.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of the global emergency we are experiencing, and we assure you of our commitment and determination to return to normal business operations as soon as possible.

The New Home of Bonfiglioli Engineering

The project for the relocation of Bonfiglioli Engineering was initiated with a preliminary evaluation and a series of surveys and geological tests designed to analyze the soil and subsoil of the structure.

From the structural point of view, a safety and vulnerability assessment was carried out for each structural block, subject to a monitoring campaign and invasive, but not destructive tests by a specialist authorized laboratory.

The positive findings of these surveys led to the beginning of the projection of the restructuring of the building. Both, the production area and the office zones were subject to restoration.

The production area which has been designed in collaboration with Specialized Consultants, is based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing, to greatly improve production efficiencies, eliminate wastes and reduce costs.

The area designated to offices has been designed with particular attention to the wellness, health, and safety of all employees. The most advanced approaches have been used to modernize & restructure the building in terms of eco-sustainability, heating systems with zero methane consumption and use of solar panels.

The new site also boasts of a large warehouse and an exclusive showroom, displaying machinery and containers, dedicated to clients. The location is very close to the highway, which presents opportunities for economies of scale with respect to logistics & transport.

This move comes with the objective of upgrading and optimizing production to meet the ever-growing demands of client partners.


Fedegari has decided to develop the FCIS pharmaceutical isolator to offer its customers a process machine capable of:

  • Ensure maximum safety in the handling and dosing phases of active ingredients and high potent substances.
  • To ensure continuity of sterility when unloading from a sterilizer.
  • To ensure aseptic filling in the production of sterile drugs.

The FCIS unit physically separates the operator – who works in a class C or D EU cGMP (ISO7, ISO8 US cGMP ) environment – from the work chamber that ensures a class A Eu cGMP (ISO5 US cGMP ) environment. The isolator complies with FDA , EMA and WHO standards and associated pharmacopeias as well as all applicable EN standards and directives.

The FCIS pharmaceutical isolator has a side door for the passage of material and to remove any waste after the process. To avoid false positives, a standard FHPV peroxide generator is supplied, thanks to which it is possible to launch a cycle of chemical decontamination of the work surfaces before starting to use FCIS. This allows you to be sure of working in an aseptic environment.

Fedegari has installed on FCIS the same solution that is provided in the FCDV decontamination pass-boxes because the reliability of third-party generators was judged insufficient. A further advantage of the Fedegari peroxide generator is that it does not require proprietary consumables, reducing the running costs of the machine.

Thanks to the presence of sensors in the chamber, the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide vapor are directly monitored in real-time by the Thema4 process controller (against the estimate that is generally carried out by others) and remain constant in the chamber, ensuring certainty of results and repeatability of the process.

The Newman model S350 labeling machine

The Newman model S350 is a fully automatic, versatile labeling system for the application of both paper and clear self-adhesive labels to a wide range of cylindrical containers in glass, plastic, metal or composite materials.

The S350 has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the international pharmaceutical industry and its regulatory bodies, including the FDA

Generally installed in-line, the S350 transports the containers along a conveyor and spaces them, using a scrolling feed, before they enter the labeling station. The label is applied and then immediately the container comes under the control of the applicator belt, resulting in precise registration and crease-free application.


  • Compact cGMP Design
  • ‘Auto-teach’ label length facility
  • Digital scales for rapid container changeover
  • Positive accept security system
  • Fully validated security system with Critical Device Checking
  • Minimal change parts
  • High-performance stepper motor for label web drive
  • In-Process Control – system verification without production stoppages
  • Accurate label placement
  • Stainless steel 304 finish
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC control system
  • Label coding options
  • Auto-reject system for both incorrect label data and missing label detection with reject verification
  • Touch screen HMI with run mode and set up mode (key switch access) facility
  • Counter package with full count reconciliation
  • End of web detection
  • Applicator belt cassette system with tool-less changeover


  • Validation documentation and implementation package
  • Recipe system for up to 100 products
  • 3 level password access
  • Printout facility
  • Continuous label supply via the Easisplice 470 unit
  • Queue switch control
  • Vision Systems for OCV / OCR / barcode
  • Rotary infeed & outfeed tables
  • Left and Right hand option available


This high-performance straight through capper is designed to handle a wide range of cap shapes and sizes. It is easy to run, easy to adjust and uses a minimum of components to provide versatile, high-quality capping. The Versa Cap is designed for rapid change over by using a minimum of capsize change parts. One sorter, chute, and adjustable chute end can handle most caps in either the 13-38mm or 38-70mm size range. A simple quick-change adjustable chute end that snaps into position without tools is needed for each major capsize variation.

Cushioned gripper belts are adjustable to move containers of nearly any size and shape smoothly through the capping operation without the need for timing stars or feed screws. Caps are positioned from a chute in the cap escapement assembly, picked up by the container neck finish and positioned for tightening. An independently driven overhead assembly with matching sets of polyurethane discs assures tight capping. The first set of discs gives caps a quick initial twist. The next set of discs draws the cap onto the container neck. The cap sorter, tightening discs, and machine/conveyor are controlled through three electronically controlled variable speed drives.

The Versa Cap is designed for rapid change over by using a minimum of capsizing change parts. One sorter, chute, and adjustable chute end can handle most caps in either the 13- 38mm or 38-70mm size range. A simple quick-change adjustable chute end that snaps into position without tools is needed for each major capsize variation.

The Versa Cap can be used as a mono-capper in conjunction with any high-speed Cozzoli rotary filler in a monoblock design. Combined drives and controls result in a compact, space-saving, cost-efficient filler/capper combination which is easy to operate, changeover and maintain. Snap capping, overcapping, and fitment inserting can also be readily accomplished on the versatile Versa Cap

For more information or to request pricing, please contact our corporate offices at 800-829-5741.

The Torqo 1600 Accessories

The Torqo 1600 is easy to use, easy to set up, easy to move and low maintenance! Tooling is available for any threaded closure – including child resistant caps – and this compact unit delivers and stores precise results at the touch of a button.

It now comes pre-equipped with Universal Torqo Chuck, As an increased variety of closure designs have gained prominence and popularity in the industry, Mesa Labs has developed a new Universal Chuck to accommodate multiple serration patterns and cap sizes with a single change part.

The torqo can be fitted with the all new Model 1506 Beverage Bottle Clamp is a quick-acting bottle holding device that can be easily adjusted to accommodate from 10 oz. to 3 liter bottle sizes.

The Model 1624 Quick Clamp Vise is an easy to use bottle holding fixture that combines the flexibility of a lead screw pin vise with the rapid loading and unloading of an over-center type clamp. This vise is capable of holding round bottles from 5/8-inch diameter to 6 inch diameter and square bottles from 5/8-inch to 6 inch. Short and long pins are available.

The 1626 Slide Chuck can be used to torque test roll-on-pilfer proof (ROPP) caps which are commonly used to package product in the alcoholic beverage and wine industries. The unique jaw sets allow the chuck to grip the rolled on serration patterns of the cap in order to perform both destructive and non-destructive torque testing.

The Yoke Chuck extends our testing capabilities beyond the average continuous thread and Child-Resistant closures. This chuck can accommodate unusually tall and odd-shaped closures such as finger tip sprayers/pumps and trigger sprayers/pumps which are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. The unique interchangeable jaw sets allow the chuck to grip virtually any serration patterns for cap diameters up to ~100mm.

With a 1507 Calibration Kit, the accuracy of your Torqo can be verified or a complete on-site calibration can be performed by the user. Contained in this kit is a precision Calibration Disk, a ball bearing load support assembly and the necessary hardware to use this kit. The weights required for performing a calibration are not included in the kit but may be purchased from Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

And one of the most demanded Torqo Accessories is the Child Resistant Closure Option.

The Model 1605 Child Resistant Closure Option enables the Torqo to be used for measuring the removal torque on the child-resistant type cap that requires a downforce in order to be opened. An air supply with the ability to provide a minimum of 60 PSI is required for this option. Both an air filter and an adjustable air regulator are contained in this kit and permanently mounted to the drive cover. The installation of this option on a Torqo does not affect in any way its use on conventional bottles and caps.

To find out more about the Torqo 1600 or the available accessories, please give us a call at 800-829-5741.

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