Why Contract Filling is Better Than Doing It Yourself

After taking the time to develop and produce a great new product, you rarely have time to figure out how to get your product out in front of the public. You are the expert in developing your product, so leave the packaging to the packaging experts! By electing to have a third-party package your products for you, this alleviates the stress and headache of finding time to try to do it yourself. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why contract filling can save you time and money.

Simply put, expert packers are working with packaging on a larger scale, with large volumes of products from multiple sources at the same time. With the high rate of production, the cost of manufacturing is lowered on packaging materials. Therefore, a packaging company can provide you with affordable services, for a fraction of what it would cost you to attempt to package your products yourself. This in turn will save you money.

Despite what you might think, packaging and filling isn’t a skill that can be learned overnight. There is a lot that goes into the process, making it an entire operation in and of itself. The right packing company will have years of experience in the industry and will be able to do the job quicker and more efficiently than you could do on your own. Most professional packaging companies will have a team of marketers available who can give you insight into your strategy and produce the best results possible for your particular product.

The ability to expand your business in other areas will be made possible by outsourcing your packaging needs. In order to keep packaging in-house, you’d have to invest in machinery, and hire and train staff to operate and maintain the equipment. By eliminating the need to have the process done in-house, this will also eliminate the risk of a bad investment, which could potentially pull your whole operation under.

It takes time to create and develop your product before you can even begin to think about packaging it for consumers. It takes extra time to set and design packaging, and then even more time on top of that to actually fill the packages. All the hours spent on designing and filling packaging could be better spent on growing and expanding your business. Don’t waste your time designing packaging when you can spend your time improving your company. Large and small businesses can both benefit from outsourcing product packaging, saving them time and money.
Hiring a professional packaging company for all of your contract filling needs will quickly prove to be very beneficial. No matter the size or nature of your business, all packaging needs can be accommodated by a company that specializes in product packaging. LF of America has years of experience in helping various companies with all of their product packaging needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your company’s packaging process so that you can focus on improving your business!

Bottles with Droppers

With calibrated droppers along with tamper-evident caps, LF of America bottles provide everything you are looking for in a dropper container.

With five different sizes — 5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL, 20 mL and 30 mL — along with any dropper you choose and almost any color manufactured, the possibilities are endless.
Three different calibrated droppers produce either 0.03 mL, 0.04 mL or 0.05 mL drops. For gels and viscous products, droppers with 1 mm and 1.5 mm diameters are available. Personalization choices include four color silk screening and labeling.

Contact us to learn more about the tamper-evident dropper solutions we can provide.

Why should you test food and beverage containers for integrity, weak seals, and leaks?

It’s simple! Your brand image depends on your packaging quality and resistance. No leaks mean no product recalls and enhanced quality in the eyes of your consumers.
Bonfiglioli is here to help with improving performance and safety with Food and Beverage packaging analysis.
The absence of leaks or other defects means you can guarantee the integrity of filled & lidded ready-meals, food trays, bottles, cans, pouches, and cups.
We help you achieve just this.

Bonfiglioli Engineering are not just a machine manufacturer. They are your trusted partner for packaging integrity testing and analysis through feasibility studies, technical expertise, validation packages, product handling and custom-built solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about the Bonfiglioli manufactured solutions that can help your Food and Beverage packaging needs.

Visit Fedegari virtual booth at PHARMA CONGRESS 2020

From 15-17 September Fedegari will take part to the virtual exhibition “Pharma Congress 2020”.

The exhibition will also be accompanied by the PharmaTechnica event from 15-17 September where many companies will have the opportunity to discuss the latest trends in the pharmaceutical market.

All the visitors participating at Pharma congress have also a free access to the virtual exhibition Pharma Technica.

Fedegari as a world-leading player will be showcasing innovations in sterile manufacturing and integrated solutions combining various process machines with robotized handling, customized on different customers needs.

This year, the Pharma congress will be entirely virtual and will offer all the visitors the possibility to access different exhibitors’ virtual stands for 24 hours. The participants of the conference will join through various talks in an encouraged discussion amongst the scientific community and pharma industry professionals.

Join this exhibition and Forum event for free and visit our virtual booth at Pharma Congress to explore our experiences on innovation since 1953.

Register here: https://www.pharma-congress.com/virtuelle-exhibition-visitor.html

Use the code “VIP2020_Fedegari” to participate free of charge in the virtual PharmaTechnica exhibition from 15-17 September.

On Thursday 17th, Fedegari’s Technical Sales Engineer for Industrial Equipment & Integrated Projects, Dr. Olaf Neuschaefer-Rube will hold the presentation:

How to select efficient sterilization/cleaning equipment? Hands-on examples of challenging load treatment

covering the following issues:

  • Sterilization & decontamination solutions
  • Developing cost-effective production processes
  • Successful real-life cases (WuXi biologics, Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing, etc.)

Tabletop Screw Capper for Food and Beverage applications

The Cozzoli Screw Capper Model SC50T will cap sizes up to 95mm in diameter. The adjustable torque slipclutch configuration rotates, giving uniformly tightened caps and preventing cap damage with gentle cap handling. Configured as an aluminum Sealing machine, the SC50T features a selective two-speed drive to a rotating and reciprocating spindle, with a maximum up-down stroke of 2” or 50.8mm. The Aluminum Sealer provides uniform roller-sealing of container crimp caps up to 43mm in diameter. In either configuration the SC50T is ideal for clean room lab use or small production facility.

An automatic version of this machine can be mounted on a fully integrated Cozzoli packaging line. 

Screw cap configuration: With the cap in position, the operator places the container against a “V” plate. The reciprocating spindles then automatically descends to screw on the cap. Torqueing time can be adjusted from .15 to 10 seconds, thereby accommodating most capping speeds.

Aluminum Seal Configuration: With the cap in position, the operator places the container against a “V” plate. The crimping head that consists of 3 blades and 3 rollers then automatically descends to seal the cap; Crimping time can also be adjusted from .15 seconds to 10 seconds.

For more information on this and other Food and Beverage machines, please get in touch.

Energy Efficient Low Temp Walk-In Suite

Bahnson’s popular Low Temp Walk-In Suite (LTW) utilizes an innovative chamber-within-a-chamber design to support the stringent biorepository and pharmaceutical requirements for ultra-cold temperature storage freezer vaults. It offers a more energy efficient alternative to the traditional “freezer farm” approach, while still delivering maximum capacity, multi-temperature storage flexibility, and product protection.

Each suite is custom designed to your explicit size, temperature, and electrical-controls specifications. Additionally, the LTW utilizes multi-door vaults that are capable of temperature setpoints of -60, -70, -75, or -80°C— located within -20 to -40ºC freezer corridors—that are designed to share a central cascade refrigeration system.

This suite is ideal for biopharma production and biorepository applications. With flexibility of product storage containers, including bottles, plates, small vials, bulk drums, and canisters, the LTW offers multi-temperature storage for a wide variety of products, including samples of drugs and various biological products.

Our ultra-low LTW freezer suite offers a significantly lower chamber count and as much as a 33% reduction in building space when compared to a “freezer farm”.

Saving hundreds of thousands of both kWh and pounds of CO2 emitted annually,  the BES solution can offer a 75% reduction in total energy consumption.

The result is an economical, space-saving product line that combines maximum capacity, multi-temperature uniformity with energy efficiency and cost savings.

Bahnson Environmental Specialties’ low-temperature freezers give you high-performance operation, significant cost savings, and greater dependability than ever before. 

Contact us to learn more.

More than an Autoclave – The Fedegari FOB 4

The FOB4 Stand-alone Lab Sterilizer is an autoclave that combines excellent performances with overall high quality materials and ease of use.

The FOB4 Lab Sterilizer is suitable for the use in laboratory conditions for many different applications, such as:

  • Microbiology and analytical labs.
  • Research institutes and examination agencies.
  • Bio-Technologies and life sciences.
  • Animal facility and clinical diagnostic labs.
  • Pharmaceutical, food, chemistry industries, QC labs.
  • Hospital operating theaters and medical care.
  • Agricultural, environmental and veterinary labs.

These sterilizers have been specially designed with ergonomical features for easy handling of higher volume sterilization materials and goods as: glassware, media preparation, liquids, in open and sealed containers, mixed regular and high risk waste, as well as surgery instruments, textiles, rubber articles for hospital use and packaged tools.

FOB4 Stand-alone Lab Sterilizer is easy to be configured, thanks to its conceptual design and modular construction with a convenient portfolio of optional kits. In fact, all the models can be configured using various customized systems guaranteed by the wide range of processes, software options and an extensive choice of accessories. Please, click on the link “recommended kit” to check out all possible configurations referred to FOB4 series.


FOB4 can be designed in two chamber dimensions: 147 liters (FOB4-TS) with single vertical sliding door or 210 liters (FOB4S-TS – FOB4/L TS) with double vertical sliding door for pass-through purposes. The vertically automatic sliding doors are pneumatically activated for space efficiency in laboratory and hospitals.

FOB4 autoclave has internal AISI 316L stainless steel plates fed by steam used both as heat-exchanger system for steam pre-heating and to cool the chamber temperature by means of cold softened water. As an option these plates can be used for drying purposes at the end of the cycle.

Fedegari designs laboratory autoclaves combining operators’ safety as well as equipment performances. FOB4 complies with TRB402 standards thanks to a thermal blocking system to prevent door openings in hazardous situations. Temperature probes and pressure transducers ensure constant process monitoring, as well as precision and optimal temperature distribution in the chamber, guaranteeing a high level of safety for the operator and performance and reproducibility of the sterilization process.


  • Energy and water cost-saving.
  • Small foot print with superior loading capacity.
  • Ergonomic positioning of adjustable operator display.
  • Full and easy accessibility to technical area from front and lateral sides.
  • Special test programs for routine check of sterilizer efficiency.
  • GAMP5 compliant.

Want to learn more about the FOB4? Give us a call at 800-829-5741.

Bahnson’s Photostability Chambers


Photostability tests are common in consumer goods, such as nutraceuticals, personal hygiene, cosmetics, and food & beverage, as well as pharmaceutical research laboratories since exposure to light may sometimes cause unacceptable and unexpected changes in properties. In order to perform these tests accurately, specially designed photostability chambers are used.  

These chambers are equipped with fluorescent lamps strategically located for the uniform distribution of visual or near ultra-violet light. 

At BES, our custom-designed lighting system utilizes upright floor models to provide up to three simultaneous light studies with adjustable, uniformly-controlled light levels across product shelves. Intensity within units is easily and individually controlled at each light bank with a microprocessor-based controller and a photodiode sensor to provide a fully automated, closed-loop control system. 

Special Chamber Options

Reflecting our decades of service to markets with a vast array of application needs, our Reach-In Chambers can be equipped with many options and variations including the following:

  • CO2
  • Explosion Safe
  • Low RH
  • Frost-Free
  • 4-Bank lighting for Photostability
  • Back wall lighting for product inspection
  • Cascading water fill system for concrete testing
  • Rapid cycling for electronics testing

For more information on our state-of-the-art photostability chambers, please contact us today. 


Fedegari high-performance GMP Steam Washers capitalize on the experience acquired with the FOWS-series of washer-sterilizers in the pharmaceutical market. These machines represent a cost-effective solution for the highest performances. Fedegari steam washers, in fact, use steam (through a generator or utility line) to optimize performances reducing operating costs.

The FSW state-of-the art modular customizable rack can be easily adapted to every specific load configurations. Extreme Washing Performances A close loop piping recirculates water without the need of a buffer tank. Steam injection during pre-washing softens most of the soil thus reducing the detergents typically needed, as well as utilities and energy in general.

As every other process equipment manufactured by Fedegari, the FSW-Washers run on Thema4 process controller. A conductivity meter controls the process to terminate the washing/rinsing Phase when the desired setpoint is reached. A 0,22 µm Hydrophobic sterile filter cartridge together with a HEPA filter (H14) allows sterile air injection for improved drying. All these unique and original eco-friendly solutions make the FSW-Washers the most cost-effective machines in this category. 

Water vs. steam

In comparative tests carried out by the Fedegari R&D laboratory, steam has proven to be more effective in reducing microbial contamination. Disinfection through steam is the recommended treatment for achieving higher bio-burden log reductions.

The use of steam is an eco-friendly solution since it minimizes the use of detergents as well as energy and water consumption, reducing operational costs and improving washing performances.

The FSW Steam washer is mainly used in sectors of highly varied market:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Biotech industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agri-food sector
  • Laboratory

The FSW comes with unique features that makes it a real top of the line steam washer, including:

  • Chamber and hydraulic components made of 316L stainless steel with sanitary finishing.
  • The door is made of glass with the perimeter reinforcement made of 316L stainless steel.
  • Fully modular and customizable internal trolley: it can be designed according to the customer’s load.
  • Internal trolleys are designed to avoid any water stagnation thanks to dedicated draining points.
  • Thema4 process controller ensures a total control on washing performance, therefore a robust reliability during inspection and validation activities.
  • In case of emergency, alarms are audible and visible: an internal LED lamp is operative during the whole cycle and its alarms operates through LED color change.

Contact us today to learn more about the FSW, to request a technical data sheet or to inquire for the latest pricing. Give us a call at 800-829-5741.

Services For Contract Filling Liquids

Reliability is a critical part of the packaging industry. If you aren’t working with dependable services for contract filling liquids to get to distribution on time, it’s your own business’s reputation that hurts.

Without proper handling, a product can become less effective or even wind up with potential contamination. Contract filling companies require having access to key resources along with carefully developed plans that ensure product safety.

This is as true for health and beauty products and cosmetics as it for OTC pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products. In other words, you need a contract packaging company that you can rely on for the safe handling of your products from end to end. LF of America can be that solution.

Available Services For Contract Filling Liquids
LF of America is a leading provider of contract filling services and packaging solutions. Our experienced team believes every time a client entrusts us with the safe handling of their products, we become a partner to their business.

For this reason, we emphasize the importance of safety and compliance throughout the packaging and filling process. It’s important to us that each and every client we are fortunate enough to work with understands they are able to rely on our standards for the contract filling services we provide.

In order to accomplish this, our contract filling services are handled in an innovative facility within contained settings. Our services utilize advanced automatic filling and sealing machines that are capable of both handling small batch orders as well as larger, full-scale production sizes.

The filling and sealing machines are stationed inside an ISO-8 clean room. The ISO-8 cleanroom is properly maintained for total compliance with the standards provided by the Cosmetic GMP regulations, an extension of the Quality System Requirements for medical devices.

Our contract filling services for liquids regularly handle products such as:

Liquid Cosmetics (Most viscosities, including creams, gels, powders)
Gel & Liquid Diagnostic Products
OTC Pharmaceuticals
CBD Oils
Packaging Veterinary & Animal Care Products

When it comes to packaging options, our contract filling services can be done using either your own existing containers or one of our various packaging options. Our collection of innovative packaging containers include unit-dose packaging, Bellow Bottles, wand tubes, enema containers, bottles with droppers, dual chamber bottles, and more.

All of the different types of options available through our packaging manufacturing department are suitable for a diverse variety of applications. Please fill out an inquiry form to request further assistance with developing the right packaging solution suitable for your requirements.

We hope you choose to consider the LF team and allow us to become your packaging partner capable of helping your business’s growth and achieving your goals. If you would like to receive a free estimate regarding the cost of our contract filling services, contact LF of America at 561-988-0303.

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