headspace gas analysis hga what it is how it works and why it is particularly useful in the pharmaceutical industry 1

Bonfiglioli Engineering machines for HGA

The technology used for Headspace Gas Analysis is particularly accurate and effective in identifying the quantity of certain molecules inside hermetically sealed containers, especially when certain measures from the optical set-up point of view are taken to minimize signal noise (due to the Etalon effect), like acting on the inclination of the laser beam striking the sample being analysed, for example.

This technology is integrated in its machines – developed in collaboration with university research – allowing its application in industry. Bonfiglioli Engineering’s research objective was to work on both sensor and control system dimensions and sensitivity in order to be able to implement this technology in an automation system and allow customer companies to benefit from a laser system capable of processing their entire production.

Today, the company provides:

  • Control systems integrated directly in production lines
  • Automatic control systems working off line
  • Small laboratory instruments that perform analysis under the control of an operator
  • Combined machines in which the laser system is integrated with other inspection methodologies allowing significant space savings

The choice of the type of technology to be applied in different production contexts is based on various parameters, in particular on the availability of space, the availability of staff to perform necessary controls, the costs that the company is willing to bear and its specific requirements.

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